stress reduction for businessesStress at Work: a few facts and figures

Companies that take action to reduce stress in the workplace are likely to generate enhanced value through reduced costs, increased productivity, better customer service, lower staff turnover and greater staff morale.” - CIPD Annual Survey Report, 2006

Stress is the main cause of sickness absence in the public sector,”- Geoffrey Podger, Chief Executive of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Feb 2006

So many working days are lost to stress:

The CIPD says, “Companies that take action to reduce stress in the workplace are likely to generate enhanced value…” For companies that don’t take action, the opposite is true. Apart from the tangible costs of sick absence, so much more is being lost in productivity and service.

And if you fail to take action, you could be liable to pay compensation.

Reduce work-related stress

In 2003, The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) introduced work-related stress audits into its routine health and safety inspections. They now have the power to fine organisations that fail to introduce minimum standards of care.

Despite this, figures published by the HSE claim that 9.8 million working days are currently lost each year due to the effects of stress. Whether your business employs just one person or a thousand, that's not good news for your staff, their morale or your business. Forward-thinking employers are now helping their staff to achieve and maintain a good home/work balance. Getting stress under control helps to do this quickly and effectively.

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