Why Stress Management?

stressThere are certainly things you can do alone to help reduce the effects of stress, and they are always worthwhile.

But they are not always enough.

As a Stress Manager I use a wide variety of techniques – among them coaching, counselling, visualisation, and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) - to help you reduce and prevent the problems created by your stress. Because I understand all aspects of stress, and its impact on your mind, body and life, I can take a wide-ranging approach to help you find your unique solution.

I can show you how to take a proactive approach to reducing and preventing stress. Among other things, this might include confidence building, improving interpersonal skills, learning relaxation techniques, assertiveness or anger management, or looking at the way you organise your time. Together, we can create a stress management programme to suit your wants, needs, personality and circumstances: this choice and creativity lead to better, faster results.

And I can teach you all the skills you need to help yourself, empowering you and giving you confidence that you are back in control. Not just for now, but for the future too.

So when “struggling through” or “coping” is simply not good enough – contact me.


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