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Debbie Waller offers therapy training at The Loft.

Debbie is an internationally accredited hypnotherapy tutor and author. She is also an experienced, well-qualified therapist running a successful practice at The Loft Therapies. Her training company, Yorkshire Hypnotherapy Training, offer everything from online tasters to multi-accredited foundation and practitioner courses and continuous professional development training for qualified therapists. 

YHT teaches a practical, effective and flexible approach to therapy backed by a sound knowledge of theory and research. As a YHT graduate, you’ll be able to confidently use both cognitive and analytical hypnotherapy and draw on other, related skills such as NLP, coaching, and psychotherapy. We believe this flexibility ensures that you can be truly responsive to your client’s individual needs when you are in practice.

A choice of specialisms included in your training makes the course responsive to your needs as well. Our groups are kept small so there is plenty of support in and between classes. 

What Training Do You Offer?

1. Taster Courses are suitable for anyone who is thinking about a career in hypnotherapy. These can be accessed online

2. Accredited Foundation Level Training and a Practitioner course for those wanting a more substantial knowledge of hypnosis and hypnotherapy or to practice as hypnotherapists.

3. Certified Therapy Teacher Training for those who wish to set up their own relaxation/stress management or meditation classes. These are suitable both for people already qualified as therapists and for those wishing to enter the therapy field.

4. CPD / CE Courses for qualified therapists wishing to extend their skill base.

Find Out More About Therapy Training

If you wish to become a hypnotherapist, please visit the Yorkshire Hypnotherapy Training website for more detailed information, dates, availability etc or to enrol on a course.

If you are already a therapist and want to undertake Continuous Professional Development (Continuing Education) courses, please visit CPD. Expert to check out our accredited courses.